This year, Battle of Fort Crawford has grown into a national event - Major Battles of the Civil War - which will reenact an authentic battle from each of the above campaigns.

Location: Major Battles will be held at beautiful Maple Springs Farm, just west of Hallsville, Texas. The site offers large rolling green fields with a pond and treed areas. There's plenty of room for camping, battles, sutlers and spectators.

Please click here for a map to Maple Springs Farm or use the Google directions below. Signs will be posted to assist in navigating to the site.

Contact information: Please contact Rob Key at 903-238-4300 or Virgil Brown at 903-241-2861 or email us at

Message from Capt. Rob Key on the purpose of this event:

    "The reason or reasons I reenact are very simple. I have lived my life and I have done a lot of rewarding things. And I must stress that I have done quite a lot for which I am ashamed. But my intention is to live what time I have left doing right in the eyes of my Lord, first; my family, second; and my fellow man, third.

    This event only with the help of all our team allows me to be a part of what I believe to be one of the greatest events in East Texas. It allows us to fulfill our obligation to our fellow man in a manner that is hard to explain. Is it the Civil War reenactment, or the Heritage Festival, or the Children's School Day?

    We think it is all of the above. The Civil War was the most devastating time in American history. That story needs to be shared with later generations. The Heritage Festival allows us to share with our community our Past. And School Day gives us a chance to give local children the "field trip" of a lifetime, which we hope they will never forget.

     Each and every one of us is proud of who we are. Some of us are from the North, and some of us are from the South. And some are from both, for instance my mother, about whom I must say that no one ever walked this earth that I loved more, except for Christ. Her family was from Indiana. Yes; I also have lots of family that speak very fast and love rhubarb. And I love each and every one of them."