Welcome to the Battle of Fort Crawford
Civil War Weekend!

For 2015, we are excited to announce Major Battles of the Civil War!
Don't miss this one-time national event! Hop on over to the Cleburne's Division to register!

The Battle of Fort Crawford Civil War Reenactment and Gum Springs Heritage Festival are dedicated to the education of the American people about life in these United States in the middle of the 19th century. While the battle is fictional, Fort Crawford was a real fort constructed by H.C. Crawford in 1839 to protect new settlers coming to Texas. The battle is based on what could have happened if Union's Red River Campaign had been successful and moved through East Texas.

This annual 3-day event is in its sixth year and takes place every October near Hallsville in Northeast Texas. Around 600 reenactors from across the country participated in the 2013 event.

Friday's "School Day" offers special exhibits and demonstrations for kids. Saturday and Sunday both center around the main battles. Other events vary by year; check out our schedule page!